MatCalc for iPhone & MatCalc XL for iPad available from AppStore

4getMeNot has released MatCalc 1.1, an expression based calculator for iPhone and iPod touch. If anyone ever tired of doing the same sequence of calculation over and over again, MatCalc will help them with the MatScript feature which will allow the user to do calculations easier, quicker and with less error.

iPhone & iPod touch versions
Download MatCalc Pro
Download MatCalc (standard version)
Download MatCalc Lite (free version)

iPad versions also available here
Download MatCalc Pro XL
Download MatCalc XL (standard version)
Download MatCalc Lite XL (free version)

Visit MatCalc home page for more information

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4getMeNot V1.0 released to Apple App Store

4getMeNot V1.0 just released to Apple App Store

4getMeNot is an integrated todo list, reminder and task management into one simple and powerful app for iPhone and iPod touch.

Download 4getMeNot from App Store


– Quick and easy GUI to manage task
– Easy to recognize task status icons
– Support multiple categories of task
– Old task can be marked as history
– Tasks sorted by status/start date
– Task filtering by category and status
– Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds remaining time left to finish task display and update in realtime. What are displayed depends on the amount of time left.
– Show number badge at home screen to notify number of tasks that need your attention
– Addition from usual due date, 4getMeNot allow you to set start and end date for each task. You’ll know how much time you have to prepare for the task and how much time left to finish it.

– iPhone 3.0 tested and compatible with any iPhone and iPod touch 2.0 onward.
– Simple yet powerful enough to be productive without complexcity

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